Sunday, 02-10-2019

SCA Whole hog rules 2019



It's all about chicken, ribs, pork and brisket.

Teams will have to prepare these meats according to KCBS rules. Click on the image for more information.

Early bird till 2019-02-01 - Competition costs: €250,-


After 2019-02-01 - Competition costs: €275,-


Saturday, 01-05-2019

SCA Whole Hog Europe

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The past years whole hog competitions in Europe had all kinds of different organisations. Behind the scenes bbq guru Harry Havinga has been working on a plan to make whole hog competitions better, such as certified judges and clear rules. In 2019 we will start with a new organisation "SCA whole hog Europe". They will provide a clear set of rules, ranking and trained judges. 

The competition will consists of two fields:

  • onsite judging

  • blind box judging

both will have a seperate winner, only blind box points will count for your ranking.


Competition costs: €150,-