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Steak Cookoff rules 2018

Sunday, 02-18-2018


Competition costs: €50,-


General Rules

The head cook must be a member of SCA by the end of the cooks meeting to be eligible for any added money at events.

Should a non-member win a SCA event, they will have until 8:00am the following Monday to become a member and be invited to the SCA Championship. If the team does not become a member within the allotted time frame, the invitation will be rolled down to the next member in order of placement at the event.
SCA events are judged by a panel of judges and will be in a “blind judging” format.
Each team is required to have some type of fire extinguishing device in their cook site.
The head cook of a team must be 18 years old.
Head cooks may only enter 1 entry into the steak category.
Head cooks may enter more than one entry into an ancillary category.
The Cookoff promoter/organizer will provide all the rib-eye steaks for the event.
Turn in times will be announced at cooks meeting and cannot be changed once announced.
Reasons for DQ: Ribeye steaks other than the ones provided for the event found in team area, a steak or ancillary turn in after the time window has expired, a non-signed ticket presented at awards, a folded foil disk or any foreign object found in the turn in box, issued steaks are removed from the teams cooking area.
Teams must sign the turn in ticket at time of turn in.
Teams are subject to random ice chest inspections by any SCA Representative.
SCA does not allow spouses of the SCA Rep to cook in an event the spouse is running, other family members of the SCA Rep are allowed to compete in the event.
SCA Kids Challenges are for kids 4-17 years of age. Parents may help build the fire.
In case of a final results tie, the prize money will be split between the teams. Example a total tie between two teams for first place. The prize money from first and second place would be added up and divided between the cookers. We will flip a coin to decide who gets which trophy.

Steak Cooking Rules

Cooks may cook on any fire or heat source.
NO other rib-eye steaks are to be present at cook sites other than the ones provided to the teams by promoters.
Steaks may not be removed from the teams cooking area except to turn in the entry.
Steaks should be cooked Medium (warm pink center).
Steaks may be lightly trimmed before, but not after cooking.
Steaks may not be marked or branded in any way. (Grill marks are not considered marking)
Steaks must be turned in whole and uncut on top of the provided foil disk. The provided foil disks must be placed in the box, silver side up and not folded in any way.
No Garnish is allowed in the steak turn in box.
Steaks will be judged on Taste, Texture, Appearance, Doneness and Overall Impression.
The order of tie breakers for steak is: Taste, Doneness, Texture, Appearance and Overall Impression.


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